This section contains examples of faculty & staff work that explores, promotes or supports different aspects of Blackness. Some full text may be restricted to IWU IP ranges or logins or due to publisers' agreements.

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Contesting Identities: The Mijikenda and Their Neighbors in Kenyan Coastal Society

Observations on Eye Care in Lamu, Kenya: Overlooked Needs and Proposed Interventions

Purity, Balance and Wellness Among the Swahili of Lamu, Kenya

Diversity and Its Discontents: Ambivalence in Neighborhood Policy and Racial Attitudes in the Obama Era

Ngoma Memories: How Ritual Music and Dance Shaped the Northern Kenya Coast

Taking American Race Relations on the Africa

Ngoma Memories: A History of Competitive Music and Dance Performance on the Kenya Coast

The Influence of Racial Identity Profiles on the Relationship Between Racial Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms

The Color and Texture of Hope: Some Preliminary Findings and Implications for Hope Theory and Counseling Among Diverse Racial/Ethnic Groups

An Examination of the African American Experience of Everyday Discrimination and Symptoms of Psychological Distress

Masculinity Ideology and Forgiveness of Racial Discrimination among African American Men: Direct and Interactive Relationships

How Adaptive and Maladaptive Perfectionism Relate to Positive and Negative Psychological Functioning: Testing a Stress-Mediation Model in Black and White Female College Students