This collection brings together videos, images and data from publications associated with the Comparative Cognition Lab led by Professor Ellen Furlong, Assistant Professor of Psychology. For access to the content in the collection or for more information about the Comparative Cognition Lab please contact Professor Ellen Furlong.


Submissions from 2018


Anthropocentrism as cognitive dissonance in animal research?, Ellen E. Furlong, Zachary Silver, and Jack Furlong

Submissions from 2017


Supplemental Data for Onus of the Bonus, Ellen E. Furlong and Laurie R. Santos

Events from 2015


Moral Reasoning in Dogs, Katherine Ford and Ellen Furlong, Faculty Advisor


Ape Sapiens: May Term Travel and Research Course, Illinois Wesleyan University


Undergraduate Research: Do dogs have self-control?, Illinois Wesleyan University


Good Dog! Applications of Dog Science, Brenden Wall; Anthony Bohner; Jeffrey Toraason; and Ellen Furlong, Faculty Advisor