Spanish: Reading from Platero y yo- Platero and I



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Platero y yo [Platero and I] is one of the most popular books written by Spanish author Juan Ramón Jiménez (Nobel Prize in Literature, 1956). Platero and I is a beautiful story told by a child about his donkey, Platero. The first chapter describes the donkey. His fur is soft as cotton, his eyes are deep black and he seems to be made both of steel and of the silver light of the moon. The second chapter talks about how Platero plays, patiently and lovingly with a dog and the children.

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Caracas, Venezuela


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Read by Adriana Ponce, Associate Professor of Music at Illinois Wesleyan University.

About the Spanish language in Venezuela: Spanish is the official language of Venezuela and is widely spoken throughout the country. The Venezuelan variant of Spanish is very close to the Spanish spoken in the Canary Islands. Some 20 indigenous languages are also spoken, Wayuu in the Arawak family is the most important.


Jiménez, Juan R. Platero Y Yo: (elegia Andaluza): 1907-1916. Madrid: [s.n.], 1914.

Spanish: Reading from Platero y yo- Platero and I


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