Arabic: A Thousand and One Nights



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The story is about a princess, Scheherazade, who tells bedtime stories to a king for a thousand and one nights. But every night, just as the story is getting exciting and intriguing she stops and the king, who is very curious, has to wait until the following night to find out what happens. The first story Scheherezade tells the king—which I read--is about a rich merchant who encounters a bad genie. The genie threatens to kill him but the merchant convinces him to give him time to go home, make arrangements to spend time with his family, which he does. Scheherezade ends the story that night just when it is time for the merchant to go back to the genie.

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Read by Issam Nassar, Professor of History at Illinois State University

About the Arabic language in Palestine: Palestinian Arabic is a dialect of Modern Standard Arabic spoken by approximately five million people in Palestine. It is part of a subgroup of dialects known as Levantine Arabic spoken in the eastern Mediterranean countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.


Publication date: One of the oldest Arabic manuscript fragments from Syria (a few handwritten pages) dates back to the early 9th century.

Arabic: A Thousand and One Nights


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