This series contains records of campus guests who were visiting for some purpose other than a Convocation or other regularly scheduled event.


Guests from 2022

The Beautiful Game: Just Kicking It In Bloomington-Normal, Rabah Seffal, Amber Anderson, and Park Drag Soccer Club

Guests from 2000


University Chapel Hour: Saraswati Puja, Tonushree Jaggi and Narendra K. Jaggi

Guests from 1988

James Lovell, IWU Associates Luncheon, James A. Lovell

Guests from 1981

Jack Horenberger, IWU Associates Luncheon, Jack Horenberger '36

Guests from 1979

AssociatesLuncheon Bobby Winkles 1979 - 02 - 02, Bobby Winkles '52

Guests from 1972

Wesley for Wesleyan Chapel Service, The IWU Celebration Singers, Illinois Wesleyan University and Ed Hoffman

Guests from 1969

Apollo 8 Astronaut Col. Frank Borman's luncheon presentation to the Board of Trustees, Frank Borman and Illinois Wesleyan University


Apollo 8 Astronaut Col. Frank Borman at Illinois Wesleyan University, Robert S. Eckley