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This present case study of code-switching is a quasi-replication of Valdes' (1976) research on code-switching patterns, in which one individual is studied in various conversational situations. In the study carried out by Valdes, the focus was on the presence of code-switching patterns in different situations in order to determine the significance of one native speaker with various interlocutors. By realizing this study she concluded the following: (1) the use of code-switching by the principal infonnant does not suggest a lack of language skills; (2) bilingual speakers take full advantage of rhetorical devices to dramatize their speech; (3) regularity of patterned switching evidences a bilingual vocabulary not identical to that of the other two languages; (4) code-switching patterns often depend on the other interlocutors; and (5) further investigation is required to detennine Spanish or English language proficiency and its effect on specific switching patterns.


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