Honors Research is a hallmark of an IWU liberal arts education. Eligible students are invited to embark upon a year-long research or creative arts project with a faculty mentor and a committee of faculty from within and outside of their major department.
Any entry that does not have a pdf attached has been withheld from the repository at the author’s request. Bona fide researchers may be consult these works by visiting the University Archives in Tate Archives & Special Collections; contact archives@iwu.edu or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details.


Submissions from 2023

Constructing the Spectrum for Maximum Packings of Complete Graphs with Stars of Size Six, Zihan Nie

Submissions from 2022

Stock Price Forecasting using a Dependence Structure, Paul Mucci

Submissions from 2020


Decompositions of Complete Uniform Multipartite Hypergraphs, Patrick Ward

Submissions from 2018

Algebraic Structures on Riordan Groups, Yuanziyi Zhang

Submissions from 2017

Bivariate Spline Functions by Using Barycentric Coordinates over Irregular Triangulation, Rui Jiang


New Implementations for Tabulating Pseudoprimes and Liars, Wuyang Liu

Counting Multigraph Pairs of λKn, William A. O'Connor

Submissions from 2016

Multidecomposition and multipacking of complete graph into graph pair of order 6, Yizhe Gao

Decomposition of complete directed graphs into directed graph pairs of order 3 and 4, Jacob Henry

Submissions from 2015


Construction of Spline Type Orthogonal Scaling Functions and Wavelets, Tung Nguyen


A Computational Study of Icart's Function, Thomas Simmons


Two Rosa-type Labelings of Uniform k-distant Trees and a New Class of Trees, Kimberly Wenger Diller

Submissions from 2012


Testing Irreducibility of Trinomials over GF(2), Steven Hayman

Submissions from 2000


LaSalle's Invariance Principle on Measure Chains, Anders Floor '00

Submissions from 1997


Steiner Trees Over Generalized Checkerboards, Meta M. Voelker '97

Submissions from 1996


Macroelements and Orthogonal Multiresolutional Analysis, Jonathan M. Corbett '96


The B-spline Wavelet Recurrence Relation and B-spline Wavelet Interpolation, Patrick J. Crowley '96

Submissions from 1994


The Recurrence Relation of B-Wavelets, Rumi Kumazawa '94

Submissions from 1993


Applications of the Wavelet Transform to Signal Analysis, Jie Chen '93


Multisurface Method of Pattern Separation, Jennifer L. Jancik

Submissions from 1992


On the Construction of Prime Desert n-Tuplets, Derek M. Marusarz '92

Submissions from 1991


The Theorms of the Alternative, Kathryn L. Balsman '91

Submissions from 1990


Some NP-Complete Problems in Linear Algebra, Santhosh Sastry '90