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The purpose of this study was to identify the information inner-city, African-American caregivers wanted in order to provide better care for their children. Thirty-five African-American caregivers of children, aged three to seven years, were interviewed. The gender, relationship to child, number of children cared for regularly, and the desired informational needs were identified. Frequencies and descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Results showed that parenting-discipline and safety were each identified by approximately 25% of the respondents as desired informational needs. Almost 20% of the responses indicated no need for information. Other categories where a need for information was identified were nutrition (10.1 %), other topics (8.5%), health state (6.7%), and parenting-education (5%). Future educational programming is recommended regarding identified informational needs. Further research needs to be done in a variety of settings to determine more about areas of informational need.



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