The Park Place Economist

The Park Place Economist is one of just a handful of undergraduate journals of economics in the world. The journal publishes scholarly research articles in economics by Illinois Wesleyan University undergraduates. Articles range from basic topical explorations to focused senior research.

Current Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1 (2018)

Prefatory Notes


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Richard von Helms


Letter from the Editor
Raymond Bolton

News and Commentary


Editorial Board

Raymond Bolton, '18
Assistant Editor-in Chief
Tayyibah Ahmed, '20
Technical Editor
Caroline Monsen, '18
Bailey Marth, '19
Faculty Relations
Thao Le, '21
Muyi Yang, '18
Cover Artist
Richard von Helms, '20
Article Editors
Tayyibah Ahmed, '20
Brandon Chang, '19
Drew Duffin, '20
Bob Ladd, '19
Kurt Meyer, '18
Caroline Monsen, '18
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Robert M. Leekley