The Park Place Economist

Volume 20, Issue 1 (2012)

Prefatory Notes


Letter from the Editor
Brittany Goldman '12

News and Commentary


Where it All Began
Amy Chang '12, Michael Mayberger '14, and Jake Mann '12


Two Decades of Excellence
Andrea Kerwin '12 and Elizabeth Luibicich '14



China's Accession to the WTO: Economic Costs
Manh Dao '14, Cathy Geehan '14, and Joshua Pandian '12


Brittany Goldman
Technical Editor
Tung Hoang
Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Mark Giannis
Assistant Technical Editor
Tara Gracer
Cover Artist
Sam Peniak
Article Editors
Timothy Henry
Taylor Kaldahl
Eugene Kuzmin
Kent Larson
Derek Lindgren
Patrick O’Neill
Aravind Nagavalli
Austin Smiley
Benjamin White
Shirley Xu
Alumni Editors
Amy Chang
Michael Mayberger
Jake Mann
News Editors
Alex Bechtel
Andrea Kerwin
Jennifer Lerose
Elizabeth Liubicich
Proofreading Editors
Meara Dibadj
Devin Long
Bob Norman
Cameron Ohlendorf
Bethany Presutti
Dan Schouten
Cory Sloan
Dave Warren
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Robert M. Leekley