The Park Place Economist


This study will estimate carbon dioxide and methane emissions of 181 countries in 2012 through the use of a quadratic function of per capita GDP. Several variables will be used as controls; with GDP per capita, mean years of education, and government regime being the most important. This study estimates the emissions of carbon dioxide and methane because the EPA states that these two gasses account for roughly 92% of the worlds greenhouse gasses, thus making it vital that we have a strong understanding of both gases. Also, no literature known to the author has looked into the evidence of a methane EKC making this work all the more important. This study will be sectioned as follows, a review of past literature will be made in section II, further discussion of the theory will be given in section III, the data used in the study will be evaluated in section IV, the model for this study will be established in section V, descriptive statistics and results will be deliberated in section VI, and concluding remarks will be presented in section VII.