The Park Place Economist


For many, the dream is to become well educated, achieve a better job, and earn more money; this describes a typical “rags to riches” story. Nowadays, the way to get a high paying job is to go to a credible college. Each diploma acts as a “golden ticket” which can access the American dream. However, all colleges are unique and offer different resources that can affect an individual’s life path. These resources range widely from classroom size to personal connections.

This research attempts to answer the following question: Which type of institution promotes the greatest upward mobility for the most people? This question is relevant to college students and prospective college students when deciding which institution to attend. Many want to find an institution that will benefit them in the long run by advancing their economic position. Results gathered from this research will help college institutions to identify aspects of their school that will result in higher upward mobility for their student population. These results can also be used by institutions as advertisements that target prospective students, by showing them that upward mobility is likely at that college.