The Park Place Economist


We will use the publicly available reported data on monthly crime by local police departments to see how crime rises and falls in relation to factors such as temperature and other economic indicators such as unemployment. By studying Normal and its seasonal crime rates, it will show whether research applied on a broader scale can be used to also examine criminal activity in a smaller region. Different types of crime will be examined to see if they show significant variations due to seasonal factors including theft, robbery, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Economic factors such as an increase or decrease in the availability of jobs seasonally will also be incorporated to observe the specific factors which affect criminal activity. This local research will investigate further into the effects of seasonality crime by focusing on the statistical analysis of crimes in the city of Normal. These findings can help prepare community leaders to mitigate increases in criminal activity when the causes of those fluctuations are determined and bring greater awareness to the general public of the likelihoods of crimes occurring.