The Park Place Economist


The paper examines the impact of adolescent fertility rate on tertiary educational attainment of populations aged 25 and above in 116 nations, divided into high income, upper-middle income and lower-middle income economies under the World Bank's classification. It looks at this relationship while also studying the impact of urbanization on educational attainment. The reason why the relationship between adolescent fertility rate, urbanization and population with tertiary schooling is of interest is because most research associated with fertility rate and education focuses on the relationship between primary education and fertility, not on the level of impediments for higher education that relates to adolescent fertility rate and urbanization. It would be reasonable to think that higher education postpones parenthood and decreases the number of children a woman would have in their adolescent years. However, this research examines this relationship in the opposite direction to provide some observations on adolescent fertility and urbanization's impact on educational attainment in a global perspective.