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Excerpts from this interview are on the Peopletalk promotional reel produced in 1978. This recording was digitized by a professional conservator in 2009 from a one-sided 5" reel-to-reel tape that was recorded at 3 3/4 ips. A transcript is available for download above and to the right.


Ann (Stroink) and David Skillrud share their reasons for choosing IWU. They are both members of the class of 1976, Biology and Chemistry majors, respectively, and SIU Medical students at the time of the interview.

Ann transferred in as a second semester Freshman from a large school and cites her interest in being taught by PhDs as one reason. She enjoyed being challenged in her science classes and also enjoyed classes in the Humanities and Art History and enjoyed taking Voice lessons in the School of Music.

David also chose IWU for the benefit of learning from PhDs, some who also served as Department Chairs, and all of whom were accessible for meetings when he needed them. He was a tennis player and appreciated that, while academics came first, faculty made allowances when he needed to adjust his schedule.

Both commented on how well prepared they were for medical school and that IWU faculty prepared recommendations that were respected by the admissions panel at SIU.


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