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A transcript for the first part of the meeting and all of the divisional reports made during the second part are available for download above and to the right.

Speakers refer to remarks given by Chaplain William White and President Eckley; although those parts of the event were not recorded, the text of their remarks was found with other documents for the event in University Archives Record Group 10-6/7. Those documents and the conference schedule are linked below. Some speakers are different from the list on program.

Transferred from reel-to-reel tape by The MediaPreserve in 2006..


This was the first fall of President Robert Eckley's time in office. The first part of the recording is an open Q&A session, followed by division-based reports. There are frequent references to a recent North Central reaccreditation visit in this meeting. In a memo distributed a day later President Eckley notes that the North Central visit and the recent changes in the general education requirements indicate "the importance of a re-assessment of our departmental-divisional-university structural relationships." His proposal formed a structure with three colleges: Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Applied Arts.

Speakers include President Robert Eckley; Robert Harrington, Business & Economics; Justus Pearson, Humanities; Wayne Wantland, Natural Sciences; Emily Dale, Social Sciences; John Ficca, Art & Drama; Richard Hishman, Music; and Mary Shanks, Nursing.


Higher Education

1968 Fall Faculty Conference schedule.pdf (258 kB)
Fall Faculty Conference schedule

WilliamWhite_ChristianHigherEducation.pdf (449 kB)
That Illusive "Plus Factor" in Christian Higher Education

RobertEckley_FutureofIWU.pdf (5929 kB)
The Future of Illinois Wesleyan University