Graduation Year



Runner Up, 2016-2017, Best Gateway Essay Contest

Gateway Professor: Nawaraj Chaulagain, Department of Religion


"The New Face of Civil Revolution" explains how with changing times comes changing platforms of expressing disdain for modern oppression against Black people of the United States of America. By juxtaposing the Black Power Movement and the Black Lives Matter Movement, this article provides a history of the oppression Black people face in America, as well as the many ways that these separate movements operate. Based on diversity of populations served, leadership, and the ways in which these movements gain supporters, this paper ultimately shows that there is currently a call for a new method of achieving equality in the Black community of America. That call is centered around Black Lives Matter, and it is due to the uniqueness of their fight in which all Black people are to be included. This article highlights how much more developed the platform of Black Lives Matter is in comparison to the Black Power Movement, and explains why it is important to support this movement now.


English Language and Literature | Rhetoric and Composition