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Associate Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago


Shannon N. Zenk, associated professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, will receive the 2012 School of Nursing Distinguished Alumna Award on Oct. 13, 2012. Zenk, who has dedicated her life's work to researching obesity and the environmental and socioeconomic factors that contribute to this medical condition, has published more than 40 articles and has conducted multiple research projects. She graduated in 1995 with a bachelor of science degree in nursing, and continued her schooling at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she earned a master of science and master of public health in 1999. From 1999 to 2004 Zenk attended the University of Michigan and received her doctor of philosophy in health behavior and health education. In 2010 Zenk was elected to the Executive Board of the International Society for Urban Health, and in the following year, she was awarded the Midwest Nursing Research Society Harriett Werley New Investigator Award. Zenk is also a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar.


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