The pages linked below lead to transcripts, recordings and photographs of the interviewed subjects. All interviews from 2009-present were recorded digitally. Earlier recordings were made digital from other media types held in IWU's Archives and contain both interviews and recorded events that provide insights into the life and culture of Illinois Wesleyan University.

Some entries do not have a pdf with an abstract or transcript attached; contact or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details.

Interviews focused on current faculty work are available at


Interviews from 2018


Janine James Cromwell, Janine James Cromwell '75 and Yemaya Jennings 2017

Interviews from 2017


Catherine Bayles and Kenzie Berggren, Catherine Bayles; Kenzie Berggren; and Council for IWU Women, Illinois Wesleyan University


Dennie Bridges, Dennie Bridges '61


Nicole Brown, Nicole Brown '99 and Meg Miner


Debra Burt-Frazier, Debra Burt-Frazier '75 and Yemaya Jennings 2017

Abigail Sullivan and Linda Stone, IWU Council for Women

Adriane Powell and Jessica Olsen, IWU Council for Women

Alissa Miller and Abigail Kauerauf, IWU Council for Women

Debra Burt-Frazier and Kelly Fuller, IWU Council for Women

Kelly Petrowski and Linda Tianze Zhang, IWU Council for Women


Kim Bankston and Karyssa Clark, IWU Council for Women, Kim Bankston, and Karyssa Clark

Interviews from 2016

Sue Anderson, Sue Anderson and Meg Miner

Jane Baines, Jane Baines and Meg Miner


Daniel Bassill, Daniel Bassill and Meg Miner


Robert Bray, Robert Bray and Meg Miner

Katherine Brokaw, Katherine Brokaw and Meg Miner


Miles Buckinghamshire, Miles Buckinghamshire and Meg Miner

Marianne Carus, Marianne Carus and Meg Miner

M. Blouke Carus, M. Blouke Carus and Meg Miner

Faizal Chaudhury, Faizal Chaudhury and Meg Miner

Carol Churukian, Carol Churukian and Meg Miner


Kelly Petrowski and Anyssa Balcazar, Council for IWU Women


Keith Crotz, Keith Crotz and Meg Miner

Garrett Davey, Garret Davey and Meg Miner


Mike Davis, Mike Davis and Meg Miner