The Park Place Economist


John Haugen '06


First, the general history of the different regions must be considered, to the degree that explains innate qualities of specific regions. This can assist in understanding the roots of regional variation. Second, the situation of regional governance in the UK is important as it is the vehicle by which the current situation has risen and progress and change can be made. Third, it is best to look at both the history and current situation of economic statistics with special regard to regional differences in GDP per capita and the unemployment rate. Also to be considered is the idea of a “regional problem” and the criteria that collectively determine what qualifies as a problem. And fourth, I will explain the differences and hypothesize as to why they exist and what will happen in the future. I will look at the theoretical imbalance in the government through population and social analysis, and the practical imbalances through economic analysis. Through this, I intend to show the inevitability of regional imbalance in the UK. Moreover, the UK government must recognize these issues as regional and move to set up regional governments to aid the situation and improve each region. Inequity is inevitable, but when a large inequity is present, the government must intercede to diminish it.