Honors Research is a hallmark of an IWU liberal arts education. Eligible students are invited to embark upon a year-long research or creative arts project with a faculty mentor and a committee of faculty from within and outside of their major department.
Any entry that does not have a pdf attached has been withheld from the repository at the author’s request. Bona fide researchers may be consult these works by visiting the University Archives in Tate Archives & Special Collections; contact archives@iwu.edu or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details.


Submissions from 2023

Fleshing Out Flash: Interconnectedness of Poetic Sensibilities in Micro Memoir, Ninetta DeBoni

Investigating Poetry's Well-Made Surprises, Maria Harmon

Bird of Our Worth, Emile Ottinger

Submissions from 2022

“The Adrenaline of Failure:” Exploring the Zaniness of Sylvia Plath, Katie Fata

Submissions from 2021


Queering Little Women, Megan Baker

All Things Counter, William C. Brown

‘Begrimed and Black:’ Shakespeare’s Depiction of Race in the Renaissance, Emma Cottrell

a gift, Bonnie Smith

Submissions from 2020

Keatsian Correspondences: A Tragedy in Five Acts, Adam Cady

which will tip the scales, Johnny Whitfield

Submissions from 2019

In the Ripe and Ruin, Kathryn Halford

Utilizing PDCM to Analyze How Comparable Liberal Arts Institutions Evaluate Poems, Abigail Kauerauf

Submissions from 2018

Blood and Magic: A Novel of Artiagom, Ross Hettinger

I Heard a Little Birdie Softly Screaming, Paxton Johnson

Remembering the In-Between, Eva Kossmann

Blue Life, Jamie Kreppein

i pull the trigger and lilies fly out: a collection of poetry, Grace McGovern

Lady Gray: The Beginning of a Novel, Savanna Steck

Submissions from 2016

The Cloud Neighborhood, Kristina Dehlin

Pimping Caterpillars: Select Constructed and Conscious Performances of Black Masculinity from the 'Minstrel' to the 'Real Negus', Anastasia Lowenthal

Submissions from 2015

Landfall, Michael Wettengel

Submissions from 2014

Peace With No Thing, Patrick Cavanaugh

Thank You for Calling, Colleen O'Connor


Preyer, Mack Rivkin

Submissions from 2013


Memory, Deconstructed and Reconstructed An Ontward Expression of an Inward Reality, Jessica Rochford

Those Who Trespass, Emily Susina

Submissions from 2012

A Schema-Theoretic Approach to Agreement and Disagreement in Literary Interpretation, Amy Fairgrieve '12

Thy Father and Thy Mother, Natalie Lalagos '12

exercising with my demons, Bryn Saunders '12

water burial, Korey Williams '12

Rural Queen, Amanda Williams '12

Submissions from 2010

Only Dull Readers Escape: Framing Humor and Materiality in Stephen Crane's The Black Riders and other lines, Andrew J. Dorkin


The Dark Places of Psychology: Consciousness in Virginia Woolf's Major Novels, Linda Martin

Submissions from 2008


Responding to Romanticism, Valerie Higgins '08

Submissions from 2007


Stepping through the Thin, Crackly Crust of the Present: Historians, Biographers, Novelists and Jack Burden, Lindsay A. Theisen '07


Raiding the Archive: A Study in the Veneration and Visibility of the Lindisfarne Gospels, Rebecca Welzenbach '07


Much Ado About Nothing's Criticism of the Renaissance Patriarchy, Kristen Zomparelli '07

Submissions from 2006


and I will open and close my petals, Molly M. McLay '06


"Spirit of Health" and "Goblin Damned": The Ghost of King Hamlet as a Symbol for the Religious Ambialence in England during the Religious Reformation, Bridget O'Connor '06

Submissions from 2005


if: Poems from the Unstandardized Perspective, Douglas Pietrzak '05

Submissions from 2002


My Little Force Explodes: A Re-creation of the Assembly of Emily Dickinson's Fasicicle 18, Katie Brokaw '02

Submissions from 2000


The Power of Perception and Origin Myth: Reconsidering the Origins of the Arthurian Legend, Rae Marie Marotta '00

Submissions from 1999


From Literal Path to Transcendent Journey: The Pilgrim's Movement Throughout Inferno, Shelley Manning '99

Submissions from 1998


Misery and Madness?: The Irish Face in Modern Irish Drama, Rob Mawyer '98


"Who is't can read a woman?": Shakespeare's Cymbeline and the Renaissance Woman, Nicole Williams '98

Submissions from 1997


Adult Attachment Style and Attitudinal Assessment of Preferred Timing of First Marriage, Elizabeth J. Arthur


Expressions of Divine Order in the Canterbury Tales, Nicole Buscemi '97


Sexuality and the Balance of Power in the Canterbury Tales, Sarah C. Zumdahl '97

Submissions from 1996


Descent into Chaos: Ways of Reading St. Thecla, Betsy Phillips '96

Submissions from 1995


The Living Metaphor of Orlando: Duration, Gender, and the Artistic Self, Michele L. Herrman '95


A Legacy of Love, Jennifer Shurtleff '95

Submissions from 1994


Order and Orderlessness in Gravity's Rainbow: A Dialectic, Richard A. House '94


Demythifying Melville: Charles Johnson's Middle Passage and the Nightmare of Slavery, Rachel Palencia '94

Submissions from 1993


Eating Away: A Study of Women's Relationship with Food in Literature, Sheila Bauer '93


(Un)dress and (Dis)empowerment): The Relationship Between Women and Dress from the Cavaliers to the Romantics, Kimberly A. Elashik

Submissions from 1991


Mediating Between the Mediums: The Changing Shakespearean World, Rebecca Ewert '91


Alcohol Advertising: Freedom of Speech v. Social Responsibility, Reona Jack '91

Submissions from 1975


George Elliot: A Conflict of Heart and Mind, Janet Polsgrove '75

Submissions from 1966


The Ubermensch-Artist of Friedrich Nietsche and Thomas Mann, Dale Whitney

Submissions from 1964


Tragic Vision in the Age of Shakespeare, Mr. Fredman, Patricia Rioux, Sharon Martin, Charlotte Mach, Larry Knilands, Sherron McFalls, and Marilyn Nickerson

Submissions from 1962


Advisors of the age of reason: The periodical essays of Steele, Addison, Johnson, and Goldsmith, Carol Meyers