Honors Research is a hallmark of an IWU liberal arts education. Eligible students are invited to embark upon a year-long research or creative arts project with a faculty mentor and a committee of faculty from within and outside of their major department.

Any entry that does not have a pdf attached has been withheld from the repository at the author’s request. Bona fide researchers may be consult these works by contacting Tate Archives and Special Collections.


Submissions from 2021


Queering Little Women, Megan Baker

All Things Counter, William C. Brown

‘Begrimed and Black:’ Shakespeare’s Depiction of Race in the Renaissance, Emma Cottrell


Blending the Gender Binary: The Machismo-Marianismo Dyad as a Coping Mechanism, Emma Garcia

From Witch Trials to Red Scare: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Perceptions of Women Through History, Gabrielle Ghaderi

The Paradox of Womanhood: Gender Roles and The Representation of Women in Puccini’s Tosca (Honors), Madeline Hanrahan


The Effect of Female Protagonists and Non-Sexist Dialogue on Domestic Box Office Revenue for Films Released Between 1995 to 2018, Chase Ochsner

The Politics of Music: Examining Political Motivations of John Adams' Nixon in China (Honors), Ethan Schuller

a gift, Bonnie Smith


The Effects of Training Intensity on Functional Outcome in a Mouse Model of Stroke, Kelsey Wyman

Submissions from 2020


The Out Migration from Illinois Cities and the Impact it has on the People Left Behind, Evan Anderson

Keatsian Correspondences: A Tragedy in Five Acts, Adam Cady

Exploring the Efficacy of Corporate Social Responsibility, Olivia Causer

Suite Médiévale: A Guide for Interpretation and Performance (Honors), Andrew Johnson

Discovering the Compositional Voice: An Examination of Conceptions of Style, Authenticity, and Originality in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Classical Music (Honors), Alexa Letourneau


Parent Opinions and Perceptions of Others on Queering High School Education, Nicki Lewis


Improving Timing of Capillary Blood Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Administration through Patient Education, Emily Lezcano


Shattered Dolls: An Examination of Authorship and the Boundaries of Female Asian Stereotypes in Western Theatrical Literature and Film, Maya McGowan


Bisexuality and Epistemic Injustice, Kayley Rettberg


False Beliefs in Dogs, Sydney Rowley

Content Validity: A Measure of Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviors, and Experiences of Muslims from the Nurse Perspective, Sydney Shanks


Text Anomaly Detection with ARAE-AnoGAN, Tec Yan Yap


Decompositions of Complete Uniform Multipartite Hypergraphs, Patrick Ward

which will tip the scales, Johnny Whitfield

Submissions from 2019


LGBTQIA+ Campus Climate at a Small Liberal Arts University: An Exploratory Study with the Aim of Improving the Environment for Queer Students, Mary Amanda Breeden


A Thinker-Based Perspective on Free Speech and Fake News, Geoffroi G. Castro


Absolutely Free?: Frank Zappa’s Musical Assault on American Conformity, 1966-1968, Brandon Chopp


Effects of Weighted Blankets on College Students’ Anxiety, Amy Clapp

Altered Paw Pain Thresholds Due to Different Spinal Cord Stmulation Parameters in a Rat Model of Chronic Neuropathetic Pain, Jillian Cole


Nursing Students' Knowledge of Alcohol - Interactive Medications, Andrew Coop

In the Ripe and Ruin, Kathryn Halford

Utilizing PDCM to Analyze How Comparable Liberal Arts Institutions Evaluate Poems, Abigail Kauerauf


International Migration and FDI: Can Migrant Networks Foster Investments toward Origin Countries?, Trang Heidi Luu


Rice Terrace Degradation in Ifugao: Causation and Cultural Preservation, Chaepter Negro

The Effects of Intermittent Training on Recovery of Fine Motor Control and Neuroplasticity After Stroke in a Mouse Model, Victoria Nemchek


Terahertz Absorption Spectra of Silicate Cosmic Analog Dusts Using a Novel Spectrometer, Binh Phan

A Three-Pronged Defense of Hate Speech: An Objection to David Brink, Adeline Schultz


This or that?: Object individuation in domesticated dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), Ellen Stumph

Democracy in Crisis: An Examination of the Negative Effects of Political Parties on Democracy, Alani L. Sweezy


Democracy in Crisis:An Examination of the Negative Effects of Political Parties on Democracy, Alani L. Sweezy

Horses, Gunshots, and Saloons: The Portrayal of the American West in Libby Larsen’s Songs from Letters (Honors), Katharine Teykl


Task Specificity and Functional Outcome: What is best for Post-Stroke Rehabilitation?, Rachel Tomazin


Interpreting the Memoirs of Dorothea Buck-Zerchin: Understanding the Evolving Cultural and Linguistic Context of Mental Illness in Twentieth Century Germany, Niyant Vora


On the Nature of Synesthesia: A Learned Association or Something Different?, Niyant Vora

Polarized China: The Effect of Media Censorship on People's Ideology, Gaoming Zhu

Submissions from 2018


The Value of Green Certification on Single-Family Houses in the Chicagoland Area, Raymond Bolton


Why the Right?: Evaluating Vote Choice in Rural America, Zoe Bouras

Evolutionary Social History and Social Facilitation in Non-Human Animals, Maisy Bowden

Exploring the Contributing Factors to Labor Market Assimilation Outcomes across Refugee Groups in the United States, Hsin-Jou Lily Chang

A Prefeeding Oral Motor Therapy and its Effect on Feeding Efficiency in a Thai NICU, Victoria Drake

Right-Wing Populism under Majoritarian Conditions: A Comparison of Support for Brexit and Trump, Olivia Heffernan

Blood and Magic: A Novel of Artiagom, Ross Hettinger

I Heard a Little Birdie Softly Screaming, Paxton Johnson

Remembering the In-Between, Eva Kossmann

Blue Life, Jamie Kreppein

The Role of Task-Specificity in Functional Outcome Following Ischemic Stroke in Mice, Shannon Maloney

i pull the trigger and lilies fly out: a collection of poetry, Grace McGovern

Upward Intergenerational Mobility of College Students: Does the Type of Institution Matters?, Caroline Monsen

Effect of Dogs’ (Canis lupus familiaris) Environment on Social Cognition, Kathleen O’Shea

Domestic Dogs Prefer Prosocial to Antisocial Humans, Zachary Silver

Health Literacy and Knowledge of Female Reproduction in Undergraduate Students, Ashley Sons

Lady Gray: The Beginning of a Novel, Savanna Steck


Sexual Violence against Males in Armed Conflict: How State Masculinity Helps to Explain its Occurrence, Jia Muyi Yang

Algebraic Structures on Riordan Groups, Yuanziyi Zhang

Submissions from 2017


The Golden Age Exposed: The Reality Behind This Romantic Era, Danny Adams


Aesopian Language of Soviet Era Children’s Literature: Translation, Adaptation, and Animation of a Western Classic, Boryana Borisova

Teaching Spanish-Speaking: Authors for Social Justice, Elaine Coppe


Studies In Mesoscopics And Quantum Microscopies, Zhenghao Ding and Gabriel C. Spalding


Mother Goddesses and Subversive Witches: Competing Narratives of Gender Essentialism, Heteronormativity, Feminism, and Queerness in Wiccan Theology and Ritual, Carly B. Floyd

Effects of Affective State on Neural and Behavioral Indices of Social Exclusion, Tanya Gupta

Predicting Aggressive behavior using Ego Depletion, Provocation and Dispositional Aggressiveness, Grace Hanzelin

Bivariate Spline Functions by Using Barycentric Coordinates over Irregular Triangulation, Rui Jiang


New Implementations for Tabulating Pseudoprimes and Liars, Wuyang Liu

Haven of Ideas: The Influence of Physical Space on Homosexuality in Post- War France, Zhiyuan Meng


BRICS Built with STIPs, Evan Mok-Lamme

The Invisible Protagonist: A Reassessment on Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan, Diana Moody

Counting Multigraph Pairs of λKn, William A. O'Connor


Accessibility to Food Intolerance and Food Allergy Resources in McLean County, Illinois: An Interdisciplinary Pilot Study, Raelynn Parmely


Understanding the Influence of Social Networks and Social Roles on Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Providing Opportunities in Order to Assess Quality of Life, Brianna Piro

Examining the Evolution of Cognition Using a Breed Differences Approach, Eric Rydell


Nurses’ Knowledge of Alcohol-Interactive Medications, Kyle Serafico

The Well-Tempered Tuba (Honors), Jacob Taitel

Sexual Slander in the Ancient Mediterranean From the Late Republic Through Early Christianity, Jenni Tucker


Encoding Lexicographical Ordering Constraints in SAT, Wenting Zhao

Submissions from 2016


The Local American Voter: Mayoral Election Turnout in Midsized American Cities, Austin Aldag

Dog Self-Control: The Extent and Limitations, Stephanie M. AuBuchon

Elucidating a Mechanism of Growth Cessation in Heterocysts of Anabaena sp. PC7120, Blake Beehler


National Identity, Historical Narratives, and the Fate of Poland in World War II, Ziven K. Chinburg

Anatomical effects of exercise following ischemic insult in young and aged c57BL/6 mice, Mark Curtis

Emotional and Social Responses to Stargazing: What Does It Mean To Lose the Dark?, Analeigh Dao

The Cloud Neighborhood, Kristina Dehlin

Multidecomposition and multipacking of complete graph into graph pair of order 6, Yizhe Gao

It Takes a [Latina] Candidate: Discovering the Motivations That Lead Latina Elected Officials to Run for Office, Melissa Guzmán


Actores transnacionales: un estudio en cinema internacional, Lydia Hartlaub

Decomposition of complete directed graphs into directed graph pairs of order 3 and 4, Jacob Henry

Differences in Spatial Cognition in Captive Tigers and Bears, Jessica Kraut


Income Mobility Through Education in the United States, Maxwell Leonard

Pimping Caterpillars: Select Constructed and Conscious Performances of Black Masculinity from the 'Minstrel' to the 'Real Negus', Anastasia Lowenthal

Effects of Exercise and Good Limb Training on Functional Outcome Following Stroke in C57BL/7 Mice, Amanda Macuiba


The Effect of China's One-Child Policy on Male and Female Immigrant Earnings: Does it Pay to be an Only Child?, Stephanie McAtee